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Affiliate is at the Forefront of Performance Marketing


The projected size of the the global affiliate marketing industry by 2027


The average percent of total online revenue driven through affiliate marketing


Amount of marketers that state affiliate is their most impactful marketing channel


Amazon Associates is the leading affiliate program with over 900,000 members


E-Commerce brands globally utilize affiliate marketing


Total E-Commerce sales driven through affiliate marketing


Average conversion rate in the affiliate channel


Clicks per year generated through Affiliate marketing

Comprehensive Affiliate Management Services

Successful affiliate program management requires a specialized skill set and extensive experience to effectively scale sales and generate incremental revenue. It is a tremendously relationship-driven channel, and success in recruiting and optimizing affiliates relies on established connections with the highest impact publishers. At IKON, we have established relationships with over 150,000 highly influential affiliates that drive positive results for our brand partners.

We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions, taking care of every aspect of affiliate management; affiliate recruitment, optimization, offer structuring, network monitoring, compliance, commissioning, and much more. We understand the strategies required to achieve the highest rate of incremental growth, and we have an unparalleled dedication to success. Contact us to find out how!

How We Grow Your Program

Affiliate Recruitment

Effective affiliate recruitment is pivotal for success in the channel. A diverse roster of top-tier affiliates in your vertical maximizes ROAS and drives new unique customer acquisition.

With 15+ years of experience and relationships with over 150,000 influential affiliates, we offer a clear path to success. We employ cutting-edge CRM tools specifically tailored for affiliate recruitment, allowing us to swiftly navigate the recruitment process. By assembling a powerful roster of CPA partners, we boost brand recognition, help you reach your target audience, and drive incremental channel growth.

Affiliate Optimization

At IKON, we understand that having a high number of affiliates in your program doesn’t guarantee traffic or conversions. To ensure success, we dedicate significant time and resources to optimize every affiliate. Our individualized approach involves close collaboration with each partner ensuring active links, steady traffic, effective sales conversions, and maximum exposure for your brand.

Optimization campaigns are our specialty, backed by in-depth knowledge of high-potential affiliates and traffic sources. We excel at boosting performance and extracting maximum value from each affiliate partnership, resulting in exceptional results for your program.

Enhanced Exposure and Growth Opportunities

In the affiliate channel, numerous avenues exist for brands to enhance their exposure and accelerate their growth trajectory. By leveraging strategies such as Paid Placements and Integrations, brands can invest in affiliates to secure prominent homepage placements, top vertical rankings, editorial features, influencer partnerships, review site integrations, and more. Strategies that are proven to drive new customer acquisition and incremental revenue. As a performance-based agency, we possess extensive expertise in this domain and will implement a proven playbook to maximize ROAS. Hand us the keys and watch us work!

Strategic Approach

In today’s rapidly evolving and complex affiliate landscape, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. To achieve this, we offer a comprehensive strategy roadmap that is regularly updated to reflect the latest industry trends and changes.

With the dynamic nature of attribution models and the constant influx of new affiliates into the networks, it is crucial for us to remain proactive. By synchronizing our marketing calendars, aligning objectives, and clearly outlining targets, we ensure a streamlined approach that takes you from point A to B swiftly and profitably. Our strategies are not only proven but have also been pressure-tested to guarantee maximum ROAS and client satisfaction.

Dynamic Reporting

As a data-driven agency, reporting and data analytics is of paramount importance. It serves to comprehend data and performance while effectively communicating channel performance to our clients. Our ability to analyze data, identify gaps and deficiencies in your program, and make data-backed decisions is pivotal in achieving optimal growth and scalability. To facilitate this process, we offer a wide range of reporting tools and data platforms, ensuring that our reports are comprehensive, customizable, and of the highest quality.

IKON excels in optimizing and launching affiliate programs

When it comes to growing an existing affiliate program

You can confidently hand us the keys and witness remarkable results. As a reputable agency accredited with all tier-1 global networks, we possess the expertise to seamlessly integrate with your current program and commence management immediately. By conducting comprehensive program analysis, thorough audits, and employing a world-class team of experts, we will swiftly devise a growth roadmap and pave the way to success.

In the case of launching a new affiliate program

The experts in building and launching programs from the ground up. We understand the critical factors involved through launch, including commission models, program terms and parameters, compliance, creative assets, text links, and more. Our extensive experience enables us to construct a successful affiliate program from scratch and efficiently launch it on the network. Moreover, as an accredited agency with all tier-1 networks, we leverage discounted network terms and expedite the timeline to get your program live quickly.

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